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Transcribed November letter

November 27, 1994

Dear Eric and Judith,

What fun it was to have dinner with you at the American Hotel in the Hook of Holland on October 2. This meeting gave us an opportunity for a leisurely chat, and our friends appreciated your researching the restaurants and all agreed you’d selected a good one.
            Our return home went smoothly, and, of course, we were all quite tired and happy to get home for a rest after two weeks on bikes. We did about 350 miles; the maximum number of miles covered was 450.
            Following our return we travelled to the Boston area and then to Cape Cod for a few days of biking. We were the only people on the trail except for a young couple from Rotterdam. We had an enjoyable, but brief, meeting and told them of our recent meeting with you. They didn’t recognize your name, and I have forgotten their names as we had no pen nor paper to write on.
            As it developed, we didn’t need the maps you sent as one of our people picked up these same maps from another source. Again, our thanks for going to the trouble and expense of obtaining them for us. Since they are no longer needed, I’m returning them with our renewed thanks.
            It was a superb adventure, and all of us love Holland. We always feel very welcome in your country, and already look forward to the next time. But, in the meantime, we are already making plans for another bicycle adventure next August in the States of Washington and Idaho. Our travels will take us into Canada also. Before August, however, we anticipate numerous long weekend cycling tours.
            In late January, we go to Florida for about 6 weeks. This also offers opportunities to bike. We’ll be in Venice on the West (Gulf) coast of Florida.
            Whenever your travels bring you near central Pennsylvania, you know that a warm welcome will be awaiting you. We are only 2 hours from Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. We wish you a joyous time over the Christmas holidays and great success and happiness in the New Year.
Your friends,
John & Kay

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