Monday, July 25, 2011

Final entries - Washington trip 1992

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine
August 10 – Manresa Castle

Gorgeous sunny day – cool air, hot sun. John and I have decided to take a day off the bicycles for shopping and general laziness. The view from our room includes Mt. Baker on the left, mount Ranier on the right and gorgeous marina sitting straight ahead – mountain ranges all around. We had a fine buffet breakfast and went to Port Townsend in the van – quick ride down the hill. This is an old Victorian town – first one chartered in Washington and thought to be eventually the capital. The gold rush brought the town to life as the doorway to Alaska. It is very picturesque and a busy tourist haven now. We read that it is a popular retirement town (not for me!)

We picked up a deli lunch and rendezvoused with everyone at Warden State Park, an earlier Coast Artillery Fort during WWII. Cocktails in the rose garden. Dinner at Piccallos – excellent.

August 11 – Manresa Castle [25 miles]

Gorgeous clear sunny day. Off to the 10 o’clock ferry to Whidbey Island. This is my favorite island, the largest (2nd largest in the 48 USA states). It has the same gorgeous views everywhere you look, but is a little more settled. The ride to Langley was like a roller coaster and we were exhausted. We took the van for the last giant hill. Langley is a darling town – pretty shops – interesting merchandise. The Inn at Langley is fabulous. It is all natural woods and colors. Our room is so comfortable and restful. We love the bathroom natural grey slate and white tile walls – Jacuzzi and shower in space about 9x9. Our little deck has benches on each side the size of twin beds and flowers at the front. Room has fireplace and every accouterment you could ask for. Dinner at Langley Café – excellent hot day – 90s.

August 12 – Langley Inn [33 miles]

Another gorgeous morning. We are off to Coupeville on our way back to Anacortes. A roller coaster trip 33 miles. It doesn’t seem as tough as yesterday but vertical hills are exhausting and we were wiped out. The B&B in Coupeville “Inn at Penn Cove” is Victorian and in my estimation – UGLY. The exact opposite of where we were last evening. How I dislike bric a brac! The place is expensive and very casually run. We had trouble finding what room was ours – no one to greet us. Our bikes have been taken to Anacortes and we’re happy for the break. It has been tiring. Dinner is a sandwich we ate in the gazebo in the backyard – no party left in me.

August 13 – Inn at Penn Cove. Whidbey Island, Coupeville, Washington

Another lovely day. We aren’t going to bike as it is 37 miles to Anacortes and we are planning to get to Bellingham to pick up a rental car today. It is just too much, so will go by van and have a longer day on the other end. Successful ride to Anacortes – luggage for 19 + 13 people all at once made us a little apprehensive but all is well that ends well. Took our little Ford Escort from Bellingham to La Conner, the most charming town we’ve been in. We bought some gifts and a wonderful print of the Ferry – a hat for Susan, Whidbey’s Port for Karl and a darling outfit for Emily. They have been watching the house for us.

We got a room in Everett expecting the worst as the price was so good and it turned out to be terrific. The people in Bellinghams’ Hampton Inn own it. Nice looking restaurant called Kates is attached – place is called Nendels.

August 14 – Nendels, Everett, Washington

Another beautiful morning here in Washington, but the weather report in the East looks wet. We fly today at 1 from Seatac. We’ll visit Seattle once more this morning. It has been a good tour. We miss our bikes already.

208 total miles biked.

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