Monday, May 16, 2011

France - 1988, Final entries

Saturday, September 10

John and I both have a funny cold. Mine has resulted in laryngitis and even though he has his voice, he is coughing and has it in his throat also. We had a slow start as all we want to do is a little shopping. We walked to Samaritaine and then took the metro to Fauchons and Lafayette and Quartiers. We bought biscuits and mustards and some silk scarves. Everything is tres expensive. I shouldn’t have bought a thing. I priced the Clinique moisturizer I use, which I buy for $16. It is $40 here. We are back in our room by 5 to get ready for an early dinner. The group is going on the River Cruise tonight. We may skip it because of our colds. This is a busy place – loaded with young people. There is always a line at the Glacé shop – expensive also. You get a small scoop about the size of a golf ball for a dollar & half. We love our hotel. It has been a nice day – comfortably warm – about 70 degrees. On our way to dinner we met Linda and Jason Litton. It was their first day in Paris – small world. Our restaurant was excellent. We are becoming accustomed to service that is excellent. It was a beautiful room, peach and cream with white linen and walls covered with pictures.

Sunday, September 11

Good day – we went to mass in a lovely old church in The Marais called St. Gervais St. Protais. The people sit on little benches, but most kneel on the floor, sitting on their heels. The priests were all dressed in white hooded robes. The choir was beautiful in French and the acoustics wonderful. Then we went to Sacre Couer and it is a magnificent church, only 100 years old, but the altar is spectacular with a ceiling in mosaic, which is spell binding. The outside is so white and it sits so very high you can see all over Paris. We took a tram to the church but walked down. It was like the incline in Pittsburgh – very steep. Walked about Montmarte – very dirty. Then we went back to Il Cite and found there is an organ concert at 5:45. Dressed and took in the concert at Notre Dame. It was magnificent – there on to dinner at Place de Vosgres, a lovely place being restored. The buildings are all symmetrical around a spacious square which seems to be being restored as a garden. Dinner at a lovely restaurant called Julliard Garland or something like that. We are tired. Home tomorrow. My cough is terrible.

Monday, September 12

Nice day – up early, 6 am for our trip to the airport. We boarded flight AF005 at 10 and took off at 10:30. It was a smooth flight “no problems.” We met Debbie Perrine, an old acquaintance of Johns. He knew her as a student at Pine Minor and remembered her 20 years later. She was on a trip to the Riviera with her husband who works for Du Pont. Small world department. We introduced her to Jim Clark, who also works for Du Pont. Arrived New York about 6:15 Paris time, 12:15 US Time – then on to Dulles where we arrived 2:00 Washington time, but 8:00 Paris time. Bed time now 8:34 Camp Hill time, but 2:34 am Paris Time. We are tired and sick with our cold. Glad to be home!

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